Words & Music by James Nihan

Sometimes it seems my masterpiece
Hangs crooked on the wall
Sometimes I feel I'm pushing pins
In my own voodoo doll
There's a preying parasite
That lies between my ears
Turning honey into poison
And roses into spears
I'm servant to a tyrant
I'm at his beck and call
His demands are all so petty
But I am so enthralled
I cower in the corner
And I honestly believe
I'm the shaker of the shackles
Not the keeper of the key

Show me how I fell
From heaven into hell
Let me see the lie
And let the story die

I'm squalling like a baby
So afraid I won't be fed
I'm giving up my spirit
Even though I am not dead
My body is a temple
My lovers desecrate
And every glimpse of heaven
Has the devil at the gate
The face in my mirror
Could sink a thousand ships
As brilliant as a nova
A pebble could eclipse
The mercury is rising
And I'm burning up inside
Righteous with resentment
And it's all so justified

(Repeat Chorus)

I'm standing on a planet
Trying to tell it how to spin
I am don Quixote
Being laughed at by the wind
I wear a coat of armor
As I face the world I'm in
Believing I'm protected
But it's only made of skin
And then I'm just a puppet
With no voice in anything
Strangled by attachments
Too afraid to cut the strings
Wishing that the master
Would just toss me in my trunk
And leave me in the attic
With the other worthless junk

(Repeat Chorus)

Published by Composure Music (ASCAP)
Copyright 2008

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