Words & Music by James Nihan

Together, prayer feather angels taking flight
Like sage-smoke curling
Sky dancers twirling
Blissfully whirling through the night
Towards the light

Samsara spins far away from where you stand
Dream of the planet
Can't hurt you, can it?
That ball of granite turns to sand
In your hand

True hearts are burning
Spirits are yearning
Prayer wheels are turning
In the wind
Like flowers we're bending
To a power unending
And the light that it's sending
Drinking it in

Dark-shrouded sky clouded, melting from above
Dreamscapes are drifting
Shadows shape-shifting
Into uplifting feelings of
Sweetest love

(Repeat chorus)

Doves flocking, love's talking through a looking glass
The pure hand beckons
Holds back the seconds
For you to reconcile the past
Free at last, free at last


Published by Composure Music (ASCAP)
Copyright 2004

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