Words & Music by James Nihan and Dawn Zurlinden

Sunlight falls upon your silken bed
From your slumber you begin to stir
As the new world turns your pretty head
Push back the covers of what you were

Open up your wings and fly from death
Let me follow you as you transform
With you I'll rise upon the Mother's breath
And with a sigh will join the spiral swarm

This hopeful-hearted lover dreams
Of breaking free the way you did
Climbing on a mystic beam
Encircling the Pyramid
Of the Moon
From cocoon
To the sky
I'll fly
With you

The pools of Tepantitla are bone-dry
The San Juan trickles like a muddy wine
But I see my reflection in your eyes
And I am sure that you see yours in mine

You are me and I am you are me
In a seamless sigh that we create
Lovers in a cloud of ecstasy
Dying to go flying through the gate

(Repeat Chorus)

Mariposa, mariposa

Published by Composure Music (ASCAP)
Copyright 2008

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