"Love Is A Gift"

Words & Music by James Nihan

Love is a gift, sweet as the rose
The more you give the more it grows
But before you love anybody else
Love is a gift you give yourself

I was taught to dream
Someone would come along
They'd lift my self-esteem
And I would sing their song
I didn't have a clue
I suffered endlessly
For how could I love you
If I did not love me

(Repeat Chorus)

True love was a tale
Created in my mind
How could it not fail
I left my heart behind
Live in fear and doubt
And cupid never wins
You can't love without
Loving what's within

I can see how sweet my life can be
I can love the world when I begin with me

(Repeat Chorus)


Published by Composure Music (ASCAP)
Copyright 2004

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