Words & Music by James Nihan

Dragonfly, passing by
Lights upon a willow limb
And meets the incandescent eye
Of the woman next to him
Knee-deep in the riverbed
Drowning in a memory
She speaks a prayer, bows her head
And piques his curiosity

Dragonfly fans the sky
Witnessing the scene below
Near enough to hear the lie
She was told so long ago
Courage overcoming fear
Tracing pain and facing in
She sheds the poison with her tears
Feeling healing love begin

Mother River washes clean
The wounds you give her
Even those unseen
And Mother River held this broken child
Until her reflection smiled

Dragonfly says goodbye
As the woman says hello
To the truth she can't deny
Love is all she needs to know
She softly fades into the trees
In pastel shades of summer rays
And dancing on the August breeze
He can hear a song of praise

(Repeat Chorus)

Dragonfly, keeping dry
Lands upon a drifting leaf
He can feel the river sigh
Carrying away the grief
Resting iridescent wings
As sunset burns and turns to night
He thinks about the way all things
Are kindred spirits of the Light


Published by Composure Music (ASCAP)
Copyright 2004

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