"Choose Love"

Words & Music by James Nihan

I judge you, you judge me
And we judge everyone so easily
Don't we? And why not?
We are only doing something we were taught
But we are not too old
To change the way we see
In our hearts we hold
The sacred key

Fingers point, gossip spreads
Fueled by the fear of what is in our heads
And what's said is so untrue
Thundered by a hundred different points of view
We lose the trust we seek
Our word goes up in smoke
If we do not unspeak
What we spoke

Choose love and there's light
Shining like a beacon through the darkest night
Choose love and there's hope
Waiting for you at the end of every rope
There's no step too hard to take
Nothing you can't rise above
No decision you can't make
Just choose love, choose love

In this life - as I go
Let seeds of love be what I always sow
'Cause, you know, I have seen
What grows from out of fright is spite and being mean
I'll walk a path so true
It never can be bent
Whatever life may do
That's my intent

(Repeat Chorus)


Published by Composure Music (ASCAP)
Copyright 2004

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