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Revisions Workshops

A Revisions Workshop offers a unique opportunity for change. A half or full day, this creative experience brings together small groups of awakening souls who seek new inspiration, acceptance and inner-peace.

"You were born an artist, borne of Creator, born to create. Your life is a canvas and each day a brushstroke. On your palette are the colors of the universe…"

How do you see your world? Do you count your injustices or your blessings? Do you validate distorted tales that do not serve you? A reactive mind need not be master over one's heart, sabotaging true happiness, blinding oneself to the beauty of life. By revisioning, we can turn ruminations into illuminations. As we examine our old stories, let us move from limiting perspectives into more positive and loving points of view!

Inspired by the book, ReVisions, The ReVisions Workshop is for those who seek freedom from the mind's storytelling mire, and wish to see an old story with new eyes. When we are willing to examine our negative inner-dialogue, we have the opportunity to embrace and replace one story with another, as an act of love and self-care. This does not mean becoming cheerfully delusional, or of telling oneself a lesser, more acceptable, lie. It is about having a clearer vision, or "revision".

The ReVisions Workshop will support your journey by offering the following:

Creative Writing Guidance  -  Honoring the Creator Within
Group Presentation and Discussion  -  Collaborative Connection
Processing of Feelings  -  Supportive Music  -  Meditation

A workshop can be creatively packaged with other offerings. These may include speaking engagements, spiritual services, book readings, musical presentations, house concerts, treatment centers, hospitals and more.

James Nihan has worked professionally for many years, as a creative writer, artist and therapist. An award-winning songwriter and poet, he has penned songs for Anne Murray and many other artists. His songs have been performed in numerous venues including Austin City Limits, The Regis Philbin Show and the Grand Ole Opry. He contributed to the musical Nanyehi, Beloved Woman of the Cherokee and wrote an optioned screenplay. For two decades he taught songwriting to children through the Words & Music Program at the Country Music Hall of Fame. Songwriting legend, Harlan Howard, once likened James' storytelling style to the works of Canadian poet, Robert Service, while poet, Jean Pumphrey, Director of the Marin Poetry Center, wrote, "Here is a poet's voice painting a portrait of where love lives." As a therapist, he has assisted clients on their individual paths of recovery, offering compassionate insights and healing opportunities. Special therapeutic interests include music, art, The Four Agreements and meaning of metaphor. With extensive studies in spirituality he supports those who seek connection through medicine wheel, labyrinth and the native ancestral landscapes. As an author, ReVisions is his latest creation.

If you are interested in hosting or participating in a workshop, please contact James for more information.

PO Box 58, White Bluff, TN 37187  -  615.797.2003  -

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