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"This author is prolific in his use of imagery and analogy. There is wisdom in each page." - Cathleen W.

"My companion died in June. I asked the spirits that help guide me for some inspiration and I received your book." - Sandra B.

"In addition to the wisdom contained here, the writing is so visual, so poetic, and so enchanting that these life lessons go down easy. I highly recommend ReVisions as a book you can return to often for comfort and inspiration." - Angel K.

"I plan to read a few pages each morning along with my 3 other meditational books. I now have one more tool to add to my toolbox." - John M.

"Reading this book is a joy for its imagery! James' wordsmithing is a treasure. His turns of a phrase linger in the reader's mind and heart." - Annie H.

"James' new book is awesome. Somebody was reading a passage from it out loud and it stopped me in my tracks!" - Dede B.

"I love this book! One night before bed I opened to a random page & read Thunder - wow! Cried, laughed - instant deep breath of recognition. A life-changing book!" - Leslie D.

"I've had this book just a few days and I so look forward to watching it grow soft and dog-eared into an old friend." - Diane G.

"Fabulous read! Thought provoking!" - Yvonne C.

"As in his songwriting, these stories, too, will carry you away, into a mind-opening, sacred place, guided by loving kindness. A delightful book to read, and pick up at any time, any page, for a lift of spirit." - Lisa I.

"Through a masterful presentation of the human condition, the author provides the seeker a new awakening." - Dan C.

"I find myself rereading passages, not only because the meanings are poignant, but because the language is beautiful to read, and to hear when read aloud. I plan to use this book in my yoga classes and guided meditation sessions!" - Kathleen M.

"I am such a fan of James's work as a musician and artist and now author. He embodies the power of perspective and how changing our point of view can change our life." - Kelly G.

"I really enjoyed ReVisions. This book offers a unique and gentle approach to self help and behavior modification." - Robert B.

"This is a book of deep spirituality that I can return to over and over again." - Ramon Sender Barayon, Author, Being of the Sun and A Death in Zamora

"If wisdom had weight, you would not be able to lift this little book!" - Thom Rutledge, Author, Sit Down & Shut Up: A Guide to Simple Meditation & Wisdom and Embracing Fear

"In addition to reading this book, I suggest you hold it close to your heart and feel it!" - don Allan Hardman, Toltec Elder and Author, The Everything Toltec Wisdom Book

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